Wellness Services

Wellness Day Events

We plan and facilitate wellness day events, according to the company’s needs and its employees.

  • Annual medical screening.
  • Mental health discussion.
  • Training of managers and supervisors on mental health issues. This equips them in being able to identify and support employees who are struggling with mental health issues.
  • Life management programs.

Employees Wellness Program (EWP)

Employee wellness services is an initiative that is being taken by the employer as a way of supporting employees and it also ensures the well-being of the staff. This program is designed to help employees in being able and mentally fit to resolve and manage their issues. Any helping process between program facilitators (Therapists and counsellors) is confidential. The employer has no access to what was discussed between the employee and program facilitators.

Common Workplace Issues

Mental health related issues, incidents and injuries, bullying, harassment, conflict and arguments, absenteeism, laziness/low productivity, stealing, discrimination etc.

Our services

All services are rendered by a multi-disciplinary team of well-trained professionals who help employees, groups, and families to work on issues that are affecting their mental health.

  • Workplace personal conflict: advice and suggestions on how to work with diverse members.
  • Addiction: helping employees who are struggling with addiction(substance abuse, gambling etc.)
  • Mental health issues: helping employees who are going through depression, anxiety, anger management, and other needs related to mental well-being.
  • Health caregiving and parenting: healthy living lifestyle, returning to work after a maternity or sick leave, caregiving, and parenting skills.
  • Individual and family counselling: this involves helping individuals to deal with personal and family-related issues.
  • Financial counselling: money management, how to avoid financial bankruptcy and budgeting.
  • Grief therapy:  support for employees who have lost their loved ones and support for employees who have lost a colleague.

The above services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Toll-free line for your employees.
  • 24-hours telephonic counselling available.
  • Face-to-face counselling: Model of 6 counselling sessions per employee per incident per year with an additional two sessions at the discretion of Muzo Life and Well-Being.
  • On-site  Therapists: available during your working hours.

Positive Staff Morale

Mental Fit Employees

Great Team Work

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